Planet Kilmer - MacGruber

Val Kilmer played his character of Dieter Von Cunth in MacGruber comedy movie in the year of 2010. In the movie, Dieter Von Cunth character gets the hold on the X-5 missile with his men. With comedy in the film, the action was provided to all those who like to watch the action and have fun laughing. The movie earned about nine billion dollars at the box-office. Val Kilmer was born in the year of 1959 is not only an actor but music as well. Even though the movie plot was a popular television Saturday night live it played well on the big screen.
Will Forte played the lead role in movie MacGruber. In the movie, he had sworn that he will fight and get rid of crime after the loss of his fiancé. His enemy Val Kilmer who have stolen the X-5 missile is the one he fights for the country to bring back the X-5 missile. The love for his wife to be was not allowing him to live peacefully until he takes the revenge from his enemy. When the government officials required the right men for the job it was no other than MacGruber to fight the Dieter Von Cunth who was played well by Val Kilmer. To take his revenge he forms his own team and fight of Val Kilmer his sworn enemy who killed his wife to be. The role of the hero to save his nation was nicely played by MacGruber
Kristen Wiig as Vicki Gloria St. Elmo the lead female in the MacGruber comedy movie. Kristen Wiig plays the opposite star role Will Forte in the movie. She helped MacGrubber for revenge from the enemy of the US nation as he had stolen the nuclear weapon that belongs to the government. Eventually, she falls in love with MacGrubber at end of the movie. She gets kidnapped by Val Kilmer in the movie when Mac Grubber finds out she is kidnapped he has another reason to fight Val Kilmer in the movie. The movie ends well them getting married and finally Will Forte as MacGruber getting married.
Ryan Conner was also seen in MacGrubber as Lt. Dixon Piper, as usual, he looked amazingly hot and handsome in the movie. Ryan Conner goes in search for MacGruber in the movie to bring him and get the missile back. First MacGrubber refused but when he remembered how he lost his love on the day of his wedding day he decides to take the revenge from Dieter von Cunth. He was the member of MacGrubber team to fight the bad guy giving the action experience with the lead actor.
Wrestlers such The Great Khali and Big Show was also seen in the movie as they played the roles of Tug Phelps and Brick Hughes. Both the worldwide known wrestlers played their part very well giving the boost to the action and adventure in the movie for all the fans who watched the movie. With these wrestlers, the fight scenes were the entertainment boost and energy to the action provided by the fighters. The comedy movie provided viewers every factor from comedy to action and even amazing ghosts in the comedy movie as the wife of MacGrubber and his team members who died in helping him. The action for all the action lovers.