Vol. II, Issue 1
January 2002

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A Message from the Editor:

All of us at Planet Kilmer would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR! This new year will see some small changes in the organization of the Reading Room.

We would like to make it possible for more people to contribute, should they so choose, without having to necessarily make the commitment of being a full-time staff member. Therefore, if there is anyone out there who would like to write the occasional article for the Reading Room, just e-mail me at joyjohns@bconnex.net and that can be arranged. Such volunteers can either choose their own topic or, should they prefer, I can assign them one for a particular issue. This way, people who would like to give it a try or who simply don't have the time to write an article for every single issue, can still write a piece from time to time, whenever their busy life allows.

Our next issue will focus on BATMAN FOREVER, although there will also be an interesting interview with Rob Cowan, the co-producer of AT FIRST SIGHT. And there will be some material on SALTON SEA, provided the release date remains the same.

-- Joy Johns


"Believe it or Not" Quiz from Valteamo and Joy Johns.
Val Kilmer is an amazingly talented actor and a fascinating man. In keeping with that, we have compiled a little quiz for all keen Val Kilmer fans.[more]

To Err is Human - Finding them is Fun! by Joy Johns.
Making a movie is an extremely complicated process with myriad intricate details which a talented director must constantly keep in mind. It is no wonder that the vast majority of movies end up with their fair share of mistakes that still make it onto the screen, despite all efforts to make the movie as technically flawless as possible.[more]

Reel Money by guest writer, Mermoz.
Does money "make the world go around?" Or is it just the movies? [more]

To be a Valfan by BJ.
What is a fan? To some people the term conjures up negative images of an obsessive nature. [more]

Bongo's Legacy by Joy Johns.
There are barely enough words in the English language to describe the magnificence that was Bongo the lion. [more]

Val Kilmer Interview at Warehouse 21 by Joy Johns.
On Friday, February 21, 2001, Val Kilmer did a question and answer session with the young people at Warehouse 21, a teen center for the performing arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico. What follows are some transcribed excerpts from that session, along with accompanying pictures. [more]