Welcome to the Val Kilmer Mail List, the original mail list for Val Kilmer fans. To ensure that each member receives the maximum consideration and enjoyment during their time on Planet Kilmer, the following rules have been adopted. From time to time, as necessary, these rules may be amended.

The Rules

Planet Kilmer has two venues for discussion: our Caffeine Cafe Discussion Forum, where you can discuss in forum format Val and his movies, get the latest Val news, articles, interviews, etc., as well as receive e-mail notification of posts to the Forum, and our PK Mail List. Our Forum is moderated ( i.e., all messages are submitted to one of our Moderators for approval before posting to the Board or sent to you via email. On the other hand, our PK Mail List is not moderated. You are on the honor system to follow your own conscience and these rules, whether you use the Discussion Forum or the Mail List. Our Discussion Forum and Mail List exist for the specific purpose of discussing Val Kilmer, his past and current projects, his magnificent characterizations, and anything else related to the aforementioned.

While curiosity about this enigmatic actor is natural, this Web Site will respect the privacy of Mr. Kilmer’s personal life. His family and whomever (if anyone) he is currently "reported in the media as dating" are not topics of discussion on Planet Kilmer. Nor is speculation about the location of his home, which he has graciously allowed to be photographed by Architectural Digest Magazine.

We at Planet Kilmer are not affiliated with Mr. Kilmer. In fact, we do not know if Mr. Kilmer even owns a computer. The focus of the Val Kilmer Mail List is to provide a forum in which fans can meet one another and talk about our favorite "Huckleberry." Mr. Kilmer has never posted to this list, and we do not know of any address where a fan can receive replies to fan mail. We also know of no "official" fan club. We can not supply you with any autographed pictures of Mr. Kilmer, and do not know of any reliable way to obtain a copy of "My Edens After Burns."

If you are simply agreeing with another comment made and have nothing significant to add, please take it to private e-mail. Simple one or two-line responses such as "Oh, I agree" will create more e-mail in everyone’s mailboxes than is necessary or desired.

All messages from the Discussion Forum go out to all who have signed up for a User ID and Password, and have opted to receive notification of the posts via e-mail. All messages submitted by subscribers to our Mail List go out to all subscribers.

The passing along of jokes and/or chain letters, either on our Discussion Forum, the Mail List, or to a members' private e-mail, is forbidden.

Recopying entirely previously posted notes is irritating to others and totally unnecessary in the Discussion Forum format. The Mail List, on the other hand, utilizes previous postings. Be sure to (clip) as much of the conversation as you can, without losing the content of the message.

Never use all upper case unless you really mean to be YELLING.

Please present your posts as you would like to read other posts - with proper attention to grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Please remember to write down your IDs and Passwords and keep them in a safe place. This is the only way you will be able to post, and the only way you can start and stop the e-mail notification. We have no way of knowing what Password you have chosen and, therefore, are unable to remove e-mail notification preferences, other than to totally delete you from the list. Remove yourself from receiving e-mail in the Discussion Forum by updating your User Profile to NOT receive e-mail notifications of posts. Instructions to remove yourself from the Mail List will be included in your first "Welcome" message from the list. In addition, if you are away for an extended period of time, please update your preferences to not receive e-mail notification of the posts in the Discussion Forum, and by logging into your PK Mail account and setting your subscription to hold. When you return, simply re-update your User Profile in the Discussion Forum and the PK Mail account to begin receiving the e-mail notifications again.

Planet Kilmer is rated PG-17.

If you understand the rules of the Planet Kilmer and accept them, then proceed by clicking on one (or both) of the links below to be taken directly to necessary links to read our current discussions and register.

Consider making a short introduction of yourself to the rest of the list as your first post, and we hope to see you on Planet Kilmer!